Sports Workout

If you have ever wondered how Lionel Messi does what he does best week after week and make it look so easy, take a look at the following article. Leo Messi is a football legend. He became that way because of his extraordinary—often inhuman—ability. However, without a proper workout, he wouldn’t have been able to hit his incredible heights. So, how exactly does Messi do it? Take a look at these eight workout routines and give them a go.


The W-Run

To do this, you will need to place five cones on the ground so that they form a W shape. The cones at the top of the W should encompass 10 metres, while the ones from top to bottom encompass five. You should then run through the W—begin at the furthest point on the left and jog backwards to the second cone. Then, sprint to the third one and jog backwards to the fourth, and then sprint to the cone at the furthest point on the right. After twenty seconds, do it again in the opposite direction.


Dead Leg Run

Loinel Messie Place eight hurdles on the ground and run down the field. One leg should be lifted high over each hurdle. The last hurdle should be five metres from the end of the field so you can sprint to it. After that, repeat the exercise and lift the other leg.


Horizontal Hops

Put three cones in a straight line at hopping-distance intervals. Place a fourth cone at your 9:00, a fifth at your 12:00 and the last one at you 3:00. Each of these cones should be five metres from each other. Now, hop over the first three cones and sprint to one of the final three. Do it again, but hop with a different leg. Do this about three times.



Lie on the floor (different positions; back, front, side every time) and count to five and then get up quickly and sprint five metres. Do this over and over.


Two-Footed Bounds

Place the cones (hurdles) as you did when you were hopping. This time, jump over the first three hurdles with both legs and then sprint and swerve through the other three cones and then go back to the beginning. Do this multiple times.


Backward Lunge and Side Flexion

With your feet apart (the width of your shoulders), bend your knees and tense up your core. With your right leg, step into a deep lunge and extend your right arm over head and do a side-flex. With your left leg, push back to the beginning. Do this time and time again with both sides.


Shelf Stacker

Reach down with both your hands on the outside of your right ankle. Do a diagonal movement across your body (think of yourself picking stuff up from the floor and stacking them onto a shelf). Do this over and over for both sides.


Alphabet Drill

Balance on one leg and extend the other in front of you so you can use it to trace the alphabet. When you are done with one letter, switch legs.