Prostate Cancer

Cancer has been there for years. Unfortunately, this deadly disease has no cure. There are different types of cancer. Among these types are throat cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Let’s take a closer look at prostate cancer.


Current research shows that prostate cancer affects one out of every seven men. Prostate cancer has no cure however; early detection will help you control it. For one to be able to detect it before it becomes chronic, you should learn about these symptoms.


Urination problems

The most common problems associated with prostate cancer are urination. These problems may either be urge to urinate more often than usual or facing difficulties to urinate even when you are pressed. You may also start experiencing problems related to stream during urination. The above symptoms may indicate the development of prostate cancer.


Presence of blood

A more severe symptom of prostate cancer is the presence of blood in semen or urine. Presence of blood in urine and semen means that harm is taking effect to the prostate and its surrounding tissues. If you happen to come across blood traces in your bodily fluids, you should pay a visit to the doctor without delays.


Pain in the midsection

Prostate Cancer Generally, cancer involves abnormal growth of cells which may extend from one region to the other parts of the body. This growth may cause swelling or begin to block blood vessels. This leads to pain in some parts of the midsection. The basic areas that are affected are pain in the thighs, hips, abdomen or sides.


Difficulty having sex

You may find it difficult to participate actively in sex. These difficulties may start by being unable to attain full erection to having ejaculation problems. Problems related to sex may be caused by very many factors; therefore you should visit a doctor before making any conclusion.


Consistent numbness

Cancerous growth may cause numbness. You may have persistent tingling, numbness, or weakness in your legs or feet. Later this numbness may lead to loss of bowel control.


Sudden weight loss

Prostate cancer may reduce the normal processing of food in the body. Reduction in food processing will obliviously deny the body the much needed energy and nutrient which are essential for enhancing normal and healthy growth of the body.


If you see these symptoms, it would be prudent for you to visit a doctor for the test. The early you detect prostate cancer, the better for you because you will start treatment at the right time. When detected late, chances of surviving it are very slim.