Muscle Relaxer Baclofen

Baclofen is a preparation targeted to help those examinees who suffer from muscle pain induced by different reasons.


Pharmacological Properties

Baclofen reduces the increased muscle tone induced by a primary lesion of the spinal cord. The preparation simultaneously and equally inhibits cutaneous reflexes and muscle tone, and only slightly reduces the amplitude of the tendon reflexes.


The action consists primarily of ascending nerve hyperpolarization and inhibition of both mono- and polysynaptic reflexes.


In animal experiments, Baclofen increases the metabolism of dopamine, but in people under the impact of the preparation, the concentration of 5-hydroxyindole acetate or dopamine metabolites in the CSF does not change. Baclofen reduces pain sensitivity. To better the overall health of the examinee when using the preparation, it is better than when taking other preparations that affect the CNS.The preparationalso stimulates gastric secretion.



muscle pain Severe chronic spasms of the skeletal muscle occuring because of multiple sclerosis and other spinal cord injuries (e.g. spinal tumor, syringomyelia, motor neuron disease, transverse myelitis, spinal cord injury); cerebral stroke, cerebral palsy, head trauma.



Doseisset individually in order to determine the lowest effective dosage that is not a reason of adverse effects. The preparation should be taken with food.


Before the start of treatment there should be determined the maximal effectiveness of treatment. If you apply a sufficiently high initial dose or increase the dose quickly, you may experience adverse effects. It is very essential for examinees who need to move in order to reduce muscle weakness in healthy limbs or when you need to achieve a reduction of muscular tension.


Adverse Effects

Unwanted effects can happen at the beginning of curing or with the rapid enhancement in the usage, especially in elderly patients.


Basically, undesirable effects are transitory in nature and disappear after dose reduction. When there occur severe adverse effects, it is necessary to cancel the preparation.


Most frequent of the unwanted effects are:

Do not forget to consult a specialist before the usage of the preparation. Self-curing is harmful for your health.