How useful are ED Pills in Body Building?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) pills are those that are prescribed for treating impotence which is a condition in which a man is unable to attain and maintain an erection. These pills include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all of which work by the same mechanism. They increase the amount of blood flowing to the penis by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide released locally when one is aroused. Their importance in bodybuilding should however not be underestimated. No matter which one a bodybuilder decides to bulk on, they will prove to be quite useful to them.


bodybuildingThe effect of increased blood flow is not restricted to the penile tissue. Any part of the body including muscles all over the body is capable of attaining increased blood supply so long as it has the ability to produce nitric oxide. This is a chemical released locally in tissues when certain stimulants are triggered. One such situation which leads to release of nitric oxide in muscles is exercising which results in hypoxia/ reduced oxygen levels and release of lactate due to anaerobic respiration. When released, this nitric oxide acts to activate an enzyme known as guanylate cyclase which increases the levels of a messenger substance known as the cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP in turn acts to induce vasodilation of the blood vessels supplying the muscles increasing the amount of blood flowing to the area. To further enhance the blood supply, ED pills work as phosphodiesterase inhibitors countering the effects of phosphodiesterase type5 enzymes which are responsible for breaking down cGMP. With the pill in your system, the vasodilating effects of cGMP are experienced for longer as it is not broken down easily.


With increased blood supply to the body muscles comes increased nutritional and oxygen supply as well as efficient supply of any steroids taken to help in body building. With your muscles getting optimum oxygen and nutrients you can be assured that your weight lifting will yield results within no time. Any bodybuilding supplements also get to the muscles where they need to prove useful. With this happening fast, bodybuilders can benefit from them effectively. ED pills have also been linked to reduction in inflammation which is very important in the healing of muscles torn during exercising. 


Now that you know that ED pills are actually helpful in bodybuilding, what is the right dose? For a body builder, you will want to take it every day for best results. The doses recommended for ED will prove to be effective. Worried you may have unwanted erections when you take the pill before exercising? Well, this need not worry you because erections do not occur unless you are sexually stimulated.