Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic personality disorder (hysterical psychopathy) is a disorder characterized by a person's unstable self-esteem, a desire to be in the center of attention, factitious theatrical behavior. In connection to this, such disorder is also known as theatrical or demonstrative disorder.

People with this mental disturbance behave as if they are on the stage, in the center of everybody’s attention. Pretentious speech and dramatic gestures are used even when describing ordinary, everyday events. The meaning of their life resolves to being constantly praised by the others. These individuals tend to have an over-emotional reaction on minor events. In the most severe cases, the patients, trying to manipulate people, can make demonstrative suicidal attempts. Needles to say, such mental instability significantly complicates the life. This is why it is important to treat the disease.

histrionic personality disorderIn general, histrionic personality disorder is treated quite well. As a rule, optimal results of treatment are achieved in patients of mature age who are in favorable social and working conditions. Even though some elements of demonstrative behavior may remain in the patient, over time, they become less pronounced.

Earlier, it was believed that histrionic personality disorder is more typical for female patients. However, recent studies have shown that men are equally prone to this condition. According to statistics, hysterical behavior in pathological form is seen in about 3% of the world population. The scientists also revealed, that the origins of the disorder come from childhood, since most patients have experienced inadequate relations in the family.

There is a whole list of symptoms, that start to appear in childhood or teenager years. Over time, they develop and acquire a more severe form. These manifestations are:

If a person experiences four or more conditions, he or she may have developed histrionic personality disorder.