Baclofen 20 mg

Baclofen is created for the curing of various spastic conditions. Among them are:

This preparation is a legal narcotic preparation, which can be bought in every pharmaceutical market. It is quite popular, but may induce addiction.


The dosage of this preparation should be prescribed individually to figure out the minimal effectual dosage that is not a reason for adverse effects.



This preparation must be administrated orally. The dosing is determined for three days of curing.


The pills should be administrated three times per day. The advised dosage regimen are:

Baclofen In most examinees, the therapeutic effects are commonly observed after administration of daily dosing of 30 mg to 75 mg. If it is needed, the dosing regimen can be insensibly enhanced. But this must be done very carefully and under strict control.


Examinees who need high dosages have to take pills that have 25 mg of the preparation. The daily dosing must not be more than 100 mg. The run of curing lasts according to clinical conditions of the examinee.


The usage of this preparation must not be stopped abruptly, because they can induce hallucinations and there also can make the conditions of examinees worse. The dosing must be reduced gradually. And this preparation should be taken with food only.


For elderly examinees, the dosage should be enhanced with caution (when there is a need), as there is a risk of adverse effects that is bigger for them than for younger examinees.


Adverse Effects

Unwanted effects can happen at the beginning of curing or when there goes a rapid enhancement in the usage of the preparation (especially in elderly patients).


Undesirable effects are transitory by their nature and disappear after the dosage is decreased. When there occur severe adverse effects, it is essential to stop the usage of the preparation.


Most frequent of the unwanted effects are:

Remember! It is better to consult a specialist before the usage of this or any other preparation of the similar action, because it is very powerful. Self-curing is harmful for your health and may induce severe adverse effects.