Ajanta Pharma Receives FDA Approval for Montelukast Tablets

One of the most relevant areas of activity in the modern world is the pharmaceutical industry. With its power to shape and influence lives of billions of individuals, the same branch bears a heavy burden of finding ways to heal and cure people all across the globe. In the same area, like in practically any other industrial field that spans the entire world, India is an important factor. For several decades, the nation’s pharmaceutical industry impacted the modern trends when it comes to producing and distributing drugs and medicine in a huge number of countries. Here, Ajanta Pharma Limited is one of the most important Indian multinational pharmaceutical companies. Established in 1973, it has since become one of the leaders in the domain of development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products in over 30 emerging and developing markets.

Ajanta PharmaNaturally, because of the fact that the company is so relevant, its stocks currently traded on many stock markets across the world. In the few recent weeks, its shares have increased in value by over 5% in the India’s BSE, but also in the US. This impressive rise is directly connected with the news that Ajanta Pharma got the final approval from the United State’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for their range of ANDA’s (Abbreviated New Drug Application). These include Montelukast chewable tablets of sodium, regular tablets, and oral granules. The news might be really significant because of the fact that it provides Ajanta Pharma with a very lucrative entry point into the US, making it possible for the company to achieve good results in the most important markets in the world.

Montelukast 10 mg tablets represent the generic variation of the singular tablets made by Merck. They are used mainly for the treatment of prophylaxis, but also for the treatment of chronic asthma. Aside from these illnesses, the tablets are known to be useful in relieving symptoms of allergic rhinitis which can be both seasonal and perennial, but they can be used for patients older than two years of age. According to the data supplied by IMS Health, these tablets and their chewable tablets and oral granules versions generated a combined sales value of over $350 million during the previous 12 months in the US. The same figures clearly show that Ajanta Pharma entered a really lucrative segment of the pharmaceutical market.

In the light of this great news for Ajanta Pharma, the company announced that it plans to launch these products in a really short period of time. Currently, it has five FDA approved ANDA’s and an additional 20 waiting for approval by the FDA. With this in mind, it is no wonder that its stocks have risen in value and it seems that the same trend will continue into the future.